A goal of District 23 is to offer Institutions meetings in three facilities.

  • Main Jail: maximum security facility for men and women
  • Blaine Street: minimum security facility for women
  • Rountree: medium security facility for men

These meetings are restricted, which means individuals leading or attending the meetings must have pre-authorization or clearance.

Those doing this important service work find it extremely rewarding. One member states,

I find this service work so incredibly rewarding, and the guys are so grateful. I get so much out of doing this service.

Members can be of service by chairing an institutions meeting. This requires completing paperwork and passing a background check to obtain clearance for attending one meeting.

Members can also do regular service by leading meetings in one of the three facilities. Members can choose to lead meetings once or twice a month or once or twice a week. It is desired to have enough members doing Institutions service so there are two members leading each meeting. Leading meetings on a regular basis requires completing paperwork and passing a background check. Attending an orientation in the jail is also required. The orientation is led by Santa Cruz County officials and is offered once a month.

Those interested in learning more about Institutions service work can contact